Fujifilm updates newspaper CtP and workflow

Fujifilm is planning to launch new modules for its Elara newspaper workflow as well as a new CtP platesetter, which will be unveiled at the IFRA World Publishing Expo in Berlin next month.

Fujifilm has added a new PDF module to its Elara newspaper workflow software, which can preflight and correct common errors.

Fujifilm acquired Elara Software back in 2015 and is now poised to add two new modules, Elara Production Planner and Elara PDF. Production Planner allows Elara users to plan newspaper editions based upon press configurations that can be created from inside the Elara 5 system. It can sort out the press configuration and template setup directly, from which the workflow gets all the information it needs. It also automates the process of page pairing, press cylinder correction and plate-stacking and sorting.

Elara PDF can check, repair and normalise PDF files before production. It can cope with things such as missing fonts, low resolution images or overprinted text and can send emails for things it can’t fix. It also offers pre-flighting, picture enhancement, ink-saving, PDF flattening and anti-aliasing. There’s also a version that includes the high speed and comprehensive Elara RIP.

The new platesetter is the Luxel VMAX 600, which will be shown as a concept device at the show with Fujifilm hoping to gauge customer interest at the show before deciding whether or not to go ahead with it. Fujifilm claims that this would be the fastest CTP device on the market due to its laser technology and plate-loading functionality, assuming that it comes to market.

Yasunobu Nishiyama, Senior Vice President for Fujifilm’s Graphic Systems Division in Europe, commented: “Improving automation and maximising efficiencies remain key goals in Fujifilm’s continuous drive to innovate and develop leading solutions for its newspaper customers.”

The Ifra show takes place at the Berlin Messe from October 9thto 11th.

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