Fujifilm extends Platesense to Europe

Fujifilm is rolling out its Platesense plate management scheme across Europe, having already trialled it in the UK since last summer. 

Chris Broadhurst, general manager of Fujifilm UK.

It’s a simple enough concept – Fujifilm charges a single price for the plates, which also includes all the associated CTP equipment and consumables, the processor maintenance as well as managing the waste and aluminium collection.

Platesense covers Fujifilm’s Superia range of processless and low-chemistry plates. Naturally, Fujifilm also offers other options, such as its XMF prepress Workflow, and even the management of pre-press personnel. 

For many printers this will probably represent a good deal. The plates will cost more, but Fujifilm will take away a lot of the hassle around managing those plates, and particularly dealing with the waste. It all depends on whether or not you have the waste management processes in place. 

Chris Broadhurst, Head of Offset Solutions, Fujifilm Graphic Systems EMEA says that Fujifilm looks to help printers boost profitability through its Superia plates, adding: “Our new Platesense programme takes this to another level altogether, introducing an entirely new business model. It has proven its potential, having been successfully trialled in the UK, and having already helped to boost the profitability of a number of businesses in that market. We’re hugely excited now to have the opportunity to deliver the same time and cost savings to new and existing customers throughout Europe, and on a scale they would never have thought possible.”

You can find more details on this at www.fujifilm.eu.

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