Fujifilm announces new inkjet printbar

Fujifilm has announced details of a new inkjet printbar, the Samba 42000 Printbar, which it will show off at next week’s Label Expo show in Brussels.

Fujifilm’s Samba 42000 Printbar can be retrofitted to existing flexo presses with a choice of 330mm and 430mm widths.

The 42000 Printbar is aimed at the label market with the aim of adding digital capability to flexo presses and other post processing equipment. It can be installed on standard flexo press rails and has a trigger and encoder to track and target the flexo print zone.

The complete Samba 42000 Printbar includes the printbar, the controller unit, a camera interface for quality control, a variable data-capable RIP and a simple GUI with job management and workflow.

It will use Fujifilm’s Uvijet UV ink and includes UV LED curing, which can print to a wide variety of label substrates. The inks include black, a high opacity white and varnish with spot colours also available. There’s also a choice between general purpose and low migration inks

The heart of the unit is the Samba heads, which are designed to be easily slotted together to make up a printbar. These heads have 100 kHz jetting frequencies and native drop sizes from 1 to 5 picolitres. They have continuous ink recirculation and non-Wetting Coatings with RediJet. The 42000 comes with a choice of eight or ten of these heads, giving a print width of either 330mm or 431mm, which should cover most of the narrow web flexo presses.

These heads have 2048 nozzles and can produce 300, 600 and 1200 dpi resolution. They can run at 90 mpm, which is faster than most inkjet label printers but slower than most flexo presses.

The new Printbar comes with installation and service support and there are options for automated nozzle maintenance and for mechanical integration services.

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