EFI develops DFE for Memjet

EFI has entered into an agreement with Memjet to develop its Fiery front ends for use with the growing number of digital printers that have been based around Memjet’s DuraLink printheads.

The Memjet DuraLink printhead is a MEMs-based thermal printhead with 70,400 nozzles.

EFI is developing a solution specifically for DuraLink devices based on its Fiery FS350 Pro platform, which will offer all the usual features associated with Fiery DFEs such as colour and imaging, productivity, management tools and connectivity. It will be able to cope with extended-gamut ink sets and allow users to make on-the-fly corrections and late-stage colour edits at the DFE for uninterrupted production.

The Fiery DFEs for Memjet DuraLink presseswill also include EFI Fiery Color Profiler Suitesoftware, which includes tools for profile creation, inspection, editing and colour quality assurance. It also features G7 System Certification for re-calibration, correct tonality and grey balance, and more saturated colours.

These DFE’s will be built on Fiery XB hardware to create a scalable architecture capable of keeping engines running at rated speeds. It accepts all variable-data formats and languages, including PDF and PDF/VT and it complies with native intelligent printer data stream (IPDS) workflows and is certified IS/3 compliant for high-volume transactional print applications.

Naturally these DFE’s will also include the Fiery Command WorkStationinterface, meaning that they will have the same common interface that EFI uses for all its DFEs including cut-sheet and continuous-feed devices and wide- and superwide-format printers. And of course, they will integrate with EFI’s MIS solutions.  

Eric Owen, general manager of Commercial Press for Memjet, commented: “We have installed a Fiery DFE to drive a 7-colour digital press in Memjet’s headquarters demo centre, and both our team and our partners are impressed with the way the Fiery DFE enables superior colour and image control. It also offers customers advanced job management and the ability to produce versioned and variable print runs at engine-rated speed.”

This sounds like one of those really sensible win-win partnerships that’s good for everyone. As a general rule, OEMs choose to use the Memjet printheads to develop a cost-effective printer and to get to market relatively quickly. So having immediate access to a proven front end should be quite an attractive option, especially given that the Fiery comes with access to other parts of EFI’s extensive portfolio.  

You can find more information about Memjet at www.memjet.comand on EFI at  www.efi.com.

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