Digital Metal announces two superalloys

Digital Metal, which produces inkjet-based 3D metal printers, has introduced two new superalloy materials for use with its machines in response to customer demands.

Digital Metal has announced two new materials, DM 247, which is based on MAR M247, and DM 625, which is an Inconel 625 grade.

Superalloys are metal materials that exhibit great strength and corrosion resistance even when subjected to high heat and stress. These properties make them especially suitable for use in challenging applications such as aerospace, automotive and chemical.

These new materials include DM 247, which is based on MAR M247, which is widely used as material for turbine blades and in other applications with elevated temperatures. As a general rule, MAR M247 cannot be welded and so cannot be used with laser-based metal printers as the heat leads to high solidification rates and thermal gradients. However, the Digital Metal process uses inkjet printheads to jet a binder at ambient temperatures. This is followed by a separate sintering step though Digital Metal says this heat is not high enough for melting and leads to only minimal thermal gradients during cooling from the sintering temperature.

The second of these new alloys is DM 625, which is an Inconel 625 grade that’s typically used in seawater applications and with chemical processing equipment, as well as in the nuclear industry and aerospace.

Ralf Carlström, general manager at Digital Metal, explains: “Many producers within the aerospace and automotive business have long been anticipating high-quality superalloys that are suitable for 3D printing. Now we can offer them the perfect combination – our unique binder jetting technology and superalloys that are specially developed for our printers.”

You can find more information on both of these alloys from

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