CloudPrinter releases API

CloudPublish, which has developed a print on demand service aimed at book publishers, has launched an API service in a further bid to disrupt the traditional business model.

CloudPrinter has teamed up with Enfocus, developing apps to link with the Enfocus Switch workflow.

Essentially, CloudPublish claims that publishers will be able to sell globally and print locally in almost any country in the world complete with title and catalogue management based on ISBN by using its API. It means that customers will be able to connect their publishing applications to hundreds of audited, automated and integrated print providers through the cloud. It’s aimed at bookprinting and catalog/PDF storage but requires an ISBN as a unique identifier. The company can handle orders of books and other items that don’t have an ISBN though a separate CloudCore API.

 the CloudPublish API stands by itself, it uses the advantages of the infrastructure and job routing behind the CloudCore API, which underpins the company’s core service. This offers automatic or custom routing, live production signals, transparent pricing, security and anti-fraud, live quoting and accurate printing all over the world. This in turn means that the CloudPublish API can use Cloudprinter’s existing network of print service providers.

The company has also released the Cloudprinter app for Enfocus Switch, which connects and exchanges data between Switch and the Cloudprinter Production API so that customers can find a local printer. Switch is a framework that allows companies to automate various repetitive processes together by connecting them to the same framework.

In total, there are six CloudPrinter Switch apps though they can all be bought together as one package. They include: managing the receipt of an order; sending a confirmation when an order is accepted and imported into the print service provider’s order admin system; managing the download and validation of PDF files for production; sending shipping status, shipping option and tracking code; inform about delays due to production errors; managing cancellation of a print order

Martijn Eier, CEO and Co-Founder of “Print buyers connect to the Print API to seamlessly integrate their E-commerce, ERP, DAM or web2print applications while print service providers connect their print production facility using the Production API. By making the Cloudprinter app for Enfocus Switch available, we’re providing a cost-effective and smart interface to innovative print service providers, and at the same time increase their level of automation to make their print production even more efficient and cost-effective.”

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