AzonPrinter announces Matrix R flatbed

Azonprinter, a Croatian manufacturer of industrial print machines, has launched a new wide format printer, the Azon Matrix R. This is a UV LED machine, fitted with Ricoh Gen5 printheads. 

Azonprinter has announced this Matrix R wide format printer, which uses Ricoh Gen5 printheads.

As with the rest of the Azon Matrix series, this is aimed primarily at industrial direct to substrate uses. It can print on to substrates up to 25cm in height and is capable of handling heavy materials up to 100 kg for indoor, outdoor and industrial applications. It can print to a range of materials such as ABS, polycarbonate, TPU, PVC, wood, stone, glass, canvas, ceramic and aluminum. It can also print on cylindrical objects and can print braille. 

It uses the latest version of the Gen5 head, which has a 4-row construction, allowing for four separate colour channels with 1 200 nozzles per color. These heads allow for recirculation behind the nozzles. Resolution ranges from 300 to 1200 dpi, with three different variable sized drops from 7 to 28 picolitre. It’s configured with two heads inline, allowing for CMYK plus two channels each for white and gloss. Azonprinter claims printing speed up to 25.8 sqm/hr but a more realistic production quality runs at around 19.8 sqm/hr. 

This is the first time that Azonprinter has used Ricoh, having previously used Epson DX5 heads in its Matrix printers.

The ink, which comes from the USA, is said to be Phthalate-free and comes with EN 71-3 certificate allowing it to be used on applications such as toys and children’s play furniture. 

It’s available in two versions, with the R-80 having a bed size of 800mm x 1600 mm, while the R160 has a bed with of 1600 mm and can be configured with 2500 or 3200 mm in length. Both versions offer six vacuum zones. 

It’s supplied with an Adobe-based PostScript 3 RIP from SAi. Price is said to be below €85,000. It’s distributed in the UK by Atlantic Tech Services. You can find further details on the printer itself from

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