Quark announces Procedure Management for enterprises.

23rd April 2015

Quark has launched a new XML data management tool, Quark Procedure Management, aimed at the largest enterprise companies, sometimes referred to as the global 2000. It allows corporate writers and subject matter experts to create reusable content that is easy to save, search and update. Continue reading “Quark announces Procedure Management for enterprises.”

Quark turns to GPSL for XML

16th January 2015

Quark has teamed up with a systems integrator, Global Publishing Systems Ltd, which specialises in advanced publishing solutions for various markets including scientific, government, and financial services environments. GPSL will help customers implement Quark solutions for XML and structured authoring, including Quark Author Web Edition and Quark XML Author. Continue reading “Quark turns to GPSL for XML”

Quark develops new Authoring tool

18th November 2014

Quark has announced a new Web-based software for automated publishing, Quark Author. This is an XML authoring program that keeps the XML elements behind the scenes, giving users a word processor-like environment that can be used to create structured content. Continue reading “Quark develops new Authoring tool”