CFH Docmail invests in Canon inkjet

11th January 2019

CFH Docmail Ltd, a UK based transactional and mailing printer, has signed a five-year contract with Canon for an Océ ColorStream 6000 Chroma continuous inkjet web press. This contract, which is worth £3 million, resulted from a competitive two-year Request for Proposal, or RFP. 

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Xerox announces Color 8250 dry toner press

15th April 2013

Xerox has announced its latest dry toner press, the Color 8250, aimed mainly at transactional printers. It incorporates much of the technology of the flagship iGen4 series inlcuding an inline spectrophotometer, as well as an auto density control to detect and fix streaks. It can cope with a monthly cycle of 800,000 to four million impressions. There’s a range of workflow options including the Freeflow print server which supports most common data streams.