Tag: Sleeves

  • Flint adds Extra Firm Rotec option

    Flint Group has expanded its range of Rotec Compressible sleeves with a new Extra Firm version that offers a hardness level of 70 Shore A to complement the existing Medium (50 Shore A) and Firm (60 Shore A) hardness levels.

  • Flint launches Rotec ULW Bridge

    The Flint Group has released its new Rotec Ultra Light Weight or ULW Bridge, which is part of a family of lightweight sleeves and adapters for flexo presses.

  • Flint optimises Rotec Smart sleeve construction

    Flint Group has optimized the base sleeve of its new Rotec Smart sleeves, including the Premium version, by using advanced polyurethane materials. This has cut their weight down by up to 15 percent, which should make it easier to mount the sleeves.