EFI wins legal victory over patent troll

16th July 2014

EFI has scored another legal victory, this time at the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit, which confirmed as invalid a device profile patent asserted by a subsidiary of the non-practicing entity Acacia Research Corporation against EFI and 31 other companies. Continue reading “EFI wins legal victory over patent troll”

EFI wins Cretaprint appeal

30th July 2013

EFI has declared victory in a Spanish patent struggle with KeraJet over EFI’s Cretaprint ceramic inkjet printer. Tomas Claramonte, the head of KeraJet, had claimed that Cretaprint infringed his patent—a claim the Commercial Court in Valencia rejected earlier this year. That court ruled that the infringement claims were meritless and that the patent is invalid because it lacks an inventive step. However, KeraJet appealed this decision but the appeals court has upheld the earlier ruling, confirming that the patent is null and void as it relates to EFI Cretaprint.
EFI’s General Counsel Bryan Ko commented: “We now look forward to decisions from the German and Italian courts in lawsuits filed by EFI, and expect the patent will be invalidated in those countries, too.”