Quark acquired by Parallax venture capital

13th July 2017

Quark Software, best known for its QuarkXPress page layout software, has been acquired by Parallax Capital Partners LLC, a private equity firm based in California and specialising in software. Parallax will invest further in Quark to drive up adoption for its content automation solutions. Continue reading “Quark acquired by Parallax venture capital”

Quark2016 to ship this month

12th May 2016

Quark is due to release the next update to its eponymous page layout program later this month on 24 May. Details of the new features can be found in an earlier story here. Quark is still running two special offers, which will end on the 24th: customers ordering QuarkXpress 2015 or an upgrade from any version will receive a free upgrade to QuarkXpress 2016; customers that already have the 2015 version can order an upgrade now for half the price.

QuarkXPress 2015 now available

29th April 2015

Quark has updated its eponymous page layout program with the release of QuarkXPress 2015. The company has listened to its users and delivered the top 10 features requested in a survey. This included faster performance and better robustness, which Quark has largely achieved by completing the transition to 64-bit code, which also means that it can take full advantage of all the RAM available (32-bit programs are limited to 4GB of RAM). Continue reading “QuarkXPress 2015 now available”

Quark releases free document converter

14th October 2014

Quark has announced a new Document Converter that allows QuarkXPress users to open legacy QuarkXPress files in QuarkXPress 10. It’s a free tool and supports documents created with QuarkXPress 7-10, saving the need to keep an older copy of QuarkXpress around. However, it won’t open legacy documents created in versions 3-6. It can batch process a whole folder as well as individual documents.

The free QuarkXPress Document Converter can be downloaded here: http://www.quark.com/Support/Downloads/.

Quark tweaks QuarkXPress with 10.2 update

31st July 2014

Quark has updated its XPress page layout program to v10.2. This now offers more control over the Xenon graphics engine with an option to balance between maximum performance and highest image display quality.

Other new features include Redlining, which can track changes within QuarkXPress documents so writers, editors and project managers can see what changes have been made. There’s also a Notes ability to store comments in a project without affecting the actual content of the project by adding reminders and comments on the text content.

Quark also claims that this version is ready for PDF/X-4 and passes all version 4 Ghent Workgroup Output Tests (http://www.gwg.org/download/test-suites/ghent-output-suite/), which is especially important for PDF/X-4 based workflows.

It’s a free update for anyone already using v10 and will also be part of Quark’s Creative Pro bundle of additional tools until the end of August.

QuarkXPress gains APP studio animation

3rd March 2014

Quark has issued a free update for users of QuarkXPress 10. The 10.1 update adds HTML5 animation capabilities to App Studio layouts within QuarkXPress and provides version 10 support for the Quark Publishing Platform.

Other useful features include an 800 percent zoom for precise layouts and dynamic guides that automatically appear when items that are created, moved or resized align with other items on the page. The dynamic guides also show when items have the same width and height as other elements on the page or when several items have the same distance to other items to help evenly distribute elements.

Quark has also improved the layout features for books so that users can specify one or more layouts for inclusion in a single book. Books can sync indexes, table of contents and other design elements, such as colours and stylesheets, and can be exported to one or multiple PDFs. This also allows for publications that contain multiple page sizes.

Minor improvements include the ability to export pages, or partial pages as static images and its now possible to modify existing QR codes. Mac users can also create their own colour scheme for the user interface.