Harlequin RIP updated to v12.1

13th May 2019

Global Graphics has updated its Harlequin RIP to Version 12.1 with a number of improvements, mainly aimed at the labels and packaging markets. This follows on from last year’s v12 release, which introduced support for PDF 2.0.

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Harlequin Host Renderer updated

25th July 2013

Global Graphics has updated its Harlequin Host Renderer, which is a RIP designed for digital printers and sold to printer vendors as a base from which to develop their own front ends. Version 4 builds on the performance of the previous version, announced at Drupa last year, so that files containing significant live PDF transparency are processed faster. In addition, raster caches for re-used partial pages can now be shared between RIPs when using Harlequin VariData in external mode, which should lead to faster processing for PDF/VT and other variable data print jobs.
There are also new colour tools including calibration support and Harlequin SetGold, a utility to pre-set grey balance and ink limiting before colour profiling. Version 4 can now produce pre-compressed, unscreened output in 10- and 12-bit depths, minimizing artifacts when final calibration must be performed post-RIP (e.g. for near real-time correction as the press is running) without the data copying overhead of 16-bit raster delivery.
On top of this, Version 4 can be used to generate previews and thumbnails for web-to-print and workflow user interfaces. Support has been extended to Windows 8, Windows Server 2012 and Red Hat Enterprise Server 6.2 Linux.
“Version 4 of the Harlequin Host Renderer continues to drive down the cost of DFEs by increasing the performance that each processor can achieve, says Martin Bailey, CTO, Global Graphics Software. “It also extends the infrastructure around the high-quality colour management within the RIP to make it even easier to meet your requirements for colour matching, and maximizing gamut while limiting ink usage.”