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  • Big trouble in China

    Big trouble in China Recent weeks have seen some shocking falls on the Chinese stock exchange, which has mostly hit smaller investors, and taken the shine off the West’s love affair with the Chinese economy. So far, the various Western stock markets have survived, albeit with a few wobbles. But just how much of our…

  • Papering over the cracks:

    Papering over the cracks: The chancellor has fired the starting pistol for next year’s general election with a budget aimed at most of the government’s critics. There’s a sort of mansion tax with the changes to stamp duty and a new levy on multinationals that avoid paying tax on work done in the UK. But…

  • GPMA predicts economic recovery

    The Graphics and Print Media Alliance (GPMA) has carried out a survey across the printing industry’s supply chain in which 65 percent of respondents believed that 2014 would bring better results than last year.