Tag: Drupa2016

  • Back at the circus

    When I first started writing about printing and the graphic arts the older journalists would speak in hushed tones about Drupa; I thought it was just another trade show and they must be going senile. Now five drupas in I find that I am older if not wiser, but have at least remembered to bring…

  • Walking and running

    Over the next couple of weeks we’re going to hear a great deal about Print 4.0, with many analysts having already decided that this will be the major trend for Drupa 2016. This probably says more about these analysts’ need to boil the show down to a simple, easily digested idea then it does about…

  • HP announces cloud-based print platform

    HP has revealed a new cloud-based operating system, HP PrintOS, to facilitate print production. Its aimed at all segments for use with HP Indigo, PageWide Web Press, Scitex and Latex digital printing technology.

  • Kodak to show new Nexpress

    Kodak will preview a new version of its Nexpress dry toner production press, which will be due to launch in 2017. This will feature a new multi-bit LED writing system that provides industry-unique computational halftone screening, enabling extremely consistent, high image quality with minimal artifacts.

  • Kodak ups its inkjet game

    Kodak has announced the latest generation of its Stream continuous inkjet technology, which it calls Ultrastream. Basically this means smaller drop size with more precise placement accuracy for higher resolution, clean lines and additional detailed definition.

  • Uteco to demonstrate Thallo sleeve press

    Uteco is to host an open house event in June to show off the new Thallo press. The Thallo press has been developed by DG Press Machines, which has partnered with Uteco for sales and distribution.