BPIF survey shows confidence falling

24th May 2019

The British Print Industry Federation has shared the results from its latest Printing Outlook quarterly survey, which takes the pulse of how confident British printing companies feel about the market. Probably best not to read any further if you’ve heard enough about Brexit, and let’s face it, who hasn’t had enough of Brexit at this stage?

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BPIF finds quiet confidence amongst UK printers

3rd December 2014

The British Printing Industries Federation, or BPIF, has released its latest quarterly Printing Outlook survey that asks printers how they rate the state of the market. This indicates slight growth in both output and orders over the second quarter with almost half (49%) of printers having increased output in the third quarter of 2014. Continue reading “BPIF finds quiet confidence amongst UK printers”

BPIF survey underlines increasing confidence

18th August 2014

The latest Printing Outlook survey by the British Printing Industries Federation shows continuing improvement in output and orders. Almost two-fifths (37%) of printers saw rising output, somewhat below the forecast and meaning that the BPIF is now forecasting only a slight improvement for the Q3 survey. Continue reading “BPIF survey underlines increasing confidence”

Printers positive on apprenticeships

6th March 2014

Despite general scepticism about the usefulness of apprenticeship schemes, the British Printing Industries Federation, or BPIF, has found that apprenticeships within the print industry do work. Around 90% of 16-18 year old apprentices surveyed said they would recommend an apprenticeship to a friend. This is backed up by employers, with 96% reporting benefits to their business from taking on an apprentice. Such schemes help to bring fresh talent into the industry, helping to plug a gap that printers have long recognised as a problem.
Attention has been focussed nationally on the issue of apprenticeships this week, which is National Apprenticeship Week. For this reason, the BPIF surveyed its 16-18 year old apprentices to discover how they found the process of applying for an apprenticeship. Unsurprisingly, the BPIF found that print apprenticeships are not widely promoted in schools and colleges, with only 6% of those surveyed reporting that printing was encouraged as a career. Only 21% cited their school or college as giving support, though 46% had accessed the National Apprenticeship website and 83% knew someone who had done or was completing an apprenticeship.
BPIF apprentices stated that they ‘learnt additional skills’ and that ‘working as well as earning a qualification was the best thing to do in the economic climate’. They felt they achieved ‘valuable work experience’ by ‘being paid to learn’ and that an apprenticeship was the ‘best way to get a career’ as they could gain ‘experience and education at once which is what employers look for’.
Anyone interested can find further details on BPIF Training on 01676 526 046.