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  • News Digest…June 2024

    News Digest…June 2024

    June turned out to be a most entertaining month in Britain, mainly thanks to Rishi Sunak, who is still prime minister, treating the general election campaign as an extended audition for a move into light entertainment.

  • News Digest…May 2024

    News Digest…May 2024

    May saw election campaigns in many countries, including India, Taiwan, South Africa and the EU. Britain went one better, having started the month with local and mayoral elections, which the government lost just about as badly as everyone expected.

  • News Digest…April 2024

    News Digest…April 2024

    Phew, Mayday, which means that we’ve all survived April, no mean feat considering the increasingly strident drumbeat towards war. This month’s news digest includes International Paper’s deal to acquire DS Smith, a new AM centre at Wolverhampton University, plus installations and appointments.

  • News Digest…March 2024

    News Digest…March 2024

    In many ways, March has been the calm before the storm before big events like the next round of UK elections kick off – or so the hapless Rishi Sunak must have hoped – before his zombie government next has to face the ire of the electorate.

  • News Digest…February 2024

    News Digest…February 2024

    For the West, February primarily marked the second anniversary of the war in Ukraine, amplified by Donald Trump’s threat of not helping NATO allies. This means that European nations are having to increase their defence spending at a time of economic uncertainty, while also wondering just how flaky America is as an ally? 

  • News Digest…January 2024

    News Digest…January 2024

    Say goodbye to January, we’ve made it through the worst of the winter and none of our so-called leaders have yet managed to start World War III though not for want of trying.

  • Look back at…December 2023

    Look back at…December 2023

    With the business year drawing to a close, at least in the Western world as everyone prepares to break for Christmas, there’s just time for a brief review of the main news from December. 

  • Look back at…November 2023

    Look back at…November 2023

    November turned out to be a real rollercoaster of a month with everything from AI to climate change in the news plus the usual mix of back stabbing and farce at Westminster, which has its own form of artificial intelligence.

  • Look back at…October 2023

    Look back at…October 2023

    There’s only been one story throughout October, with the unfolding crisis in the Middle East and the palpable fear that the fighting will spread further to other regions dominating headlines. Already this crisis has led to a further polarisation within the global community, though more than ever the world needs unity to deal with the…

  • Look back at…September 2023

    Look back at…September 2023

    Britain is quite literally crumbling, thanks to the liberal use of Reinforced autoclaved aerated concrete or RaaC in many public buildings such as schools, courts and hospitals.

  • Look back at…August 2023

    Look back at…August 2023

    The end of August brings with it the end of a strange summer in England, more rain than sunshine, and overshadowed by a doubtful economy and worries for the winter to come. 

  • Look back at…June 2023

    Look back at…June 2023

    June and the long hot summer days have brought out the madness of the English, a people who elected a government hellbent on making life even more miserable for immigrants, while at the same time accepting the chaos of stopping some London train services to rescue a swan that wandered onto the track.