The writing’s on the wall

13th January 2020

This year’s Heimtextil marked the 50th anniversary for this tradeshow, which aims to highlight trends in the interior design market. Given that textiles is said to be one of the biggest growth areas for digital printing I thought it would be worth a visit.

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New Year, New decade

6th January 2020

Now that the holidays are over, it’s time to get back to work. We’ve seen an enormous number of changes over the past decade, and since the phrase 2020 also signifies perfect eyesight, it seems appropriate to kick off the year with an assessment of some of the trends that we can expect to encounter over the next few years.

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The next STEP in 3D printing?

9th December 2019

The 3D printing world is rapidly moving towards serial part production, which includes also a number of new technologies emerging that are directly aimed at volume production. One of these companies is Evolve Addititive Solutions, which has developed a new additive manufacturing technology called Selective Thermoplastic Electrophotographic Process, or STEP.

Steve Chillscyzn, CEO of Evolve, speaking at the company’s press conference at Formnext 2019.
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The IJC pt2: From printhead modules to the new KM1280iMHH-S

12th November 2019

Since this story is a direct follow-on to last week’s story about new printheads, it seems sensible to start with Konica Minolta’s new KM1280iMHH-S, as discussed by Paddy O’Hara, director of business development for Industrial Inkjet, or IIJ.

Paddy O’Hara, director of business development for Industrial Inkjet.
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The IJC pt1: new heads from Kyocera and Epson

5th November 2019

Regular readers may have noticed that I was unable to post any stories last week, mainly because I was in Düsseldorf for the Inkjet Conference, or IJC, which offers an excellent forum for anyone interested in inkjet technology.

Steve Knight of The IJC with Sabine Geldermann, director of Drupa and head of print technologies for Messe Dusseldorf.
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Bobst DM5 continues flexo automation

8th October 2019

Bobst showed off a brand new hybrid press, the Master DM5, at the recent Label Expo show, which includes a complete inkjet print unit, but where the main feature is actually the heavily automated flexo printing and converting.

Federico DÕAnnunzio, Bobst program manager for Hybrid Printing, with the DM5 hybrid launched at Label Expo 2019.
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Labelling and some questions to answer

23rd September 2019

As I write, we’re on the eve of this year’s Label Expo show and I wanted to set out some of the wider questions before heading to the show and getting caught up in a blizzard of press conferences and meetings.

The Gallus Label Master Advanced
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The softer side of Fespa

11th June 2018

In recent years Fespa has hosted a growing number of textile printers of all shapes and sizes aimed at everything from soft signage to garment production, which has reflected the chaotic state of this emerging market.

Printeriors showed off the possibilities of printed interiors at the entranceway to the show.

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