Screen signs three inkjet press deals

Screen seems to have had a successful trip to last week’s Hunkeler Innovation Days in Switzerland, having sold several presses including three more of its Truepress Jet 520HD+ single pass inkjets. This is in addition to the 100 that have already been sold, which includes both the original Truepress Jet520HD and the new 520HD+ worldwide. bought a second Truepress Jet 520HD+ at the recent HID show. Michal Rejnowski, CEO (left), with Takanori Kakita, President of Screen Europe.

Much of this success is down to the SC inks that Screen introduced two years ago to enable the press to print direct to offset coated stocks and I believe that most, if not all, of Screen’s customers have opted for this ink once it became available. Several other vendors including Ricoh, Canon and Xerox have also introduced similar inks to enable their presses to handle offset coated stocks but Screen was very quick off the mark and has reaped the rewards of this. 

To underscore this success, the Polish book printer, based in Inowroclaw, has bought a second TPJ520HD, having installed the first just a year ago. Michał Rejnowski,’s CEO, explained: “Our Truepress Jet520HD exceeded expectations, giving us excellent printouts – equivalent to the print quality of offset presses – and, with rising demand, we were keen to invest in a second machine.” He added: “Essentially, the purchase of a second Screen press means that we will be prepared to meet increased demand with the rapid turnarounds – essential to keep our customers returning. We can also continue to print on the range of standard offset media that our customers are used to. This means there are no drawbacks to choosing digital.”

Both of these presses use the SC inks, with the original unit, installed last year being a standard 520HD and the new model being the new 520HD+, which includes a new NIR dryer. Rejnowski says there are no plans to upgrade the existing press with the NIR unit but rather to use coated media on the new HD+ and uncoated on the existing press.

Rejnowski continues: “The newly acquired printing system is a landmark purchase for our company and signifies our confidence in digital book printing. The second press will be used for colour printing on coated media and as support for the more demanding monochrome printing orders. Our relationship with Screen moves from strength-to-strength and this latest acquisition is fine proof of that.” The new 520HD+ is due to be installed in July. already operates quite a wide range of digital printers, having also a Canon ColorStream 3900 continuous feed printer, as well as a Konica Minolta KM1 B2 sheetfed inkjet press. The company also has a Xerox iGen4 and two Ricoh Pro C9110 dry toner colour printers plus four Canon VarioPrint 6320 Ultra toner monochrome machines. Rejnowski says: “We have a plan to buy also a B2 inkjet in the next few months to increase the capacity in cover production. That investment will have an influence on toner printers production – to complete the transition to inkjet.”

Ottweiler Druckerei signed for a new Truepress Jet 520HD+ at the recent HID show. From left to right: Akihiro Fujii, Deputy Division Head of Screen GA; Patrick Jud, Area Director of Screen Europe; Takanori Kakita, President of Screen Europe; Petra Krenn, Managing Director of Ottweiler Druckerei; Frank Scheid, Production Manager of Ottweiler Druckerei and Bernd Dörbach, Sales Director of Ottweiler Druckerei

The German printer Ottweiler Druckerei, based in Ottweiler near Saarbrucken, has also ordered a 520HD+ to improve its capacity. Managing director Petra Krenn commented: “The Screen press will open the door to new possibilities to ensure we can cost-effectively produce premium products. For our customers this means they can bring personalised, attention-grabbing projects to the end-user – crucially increasing their conversion rates.” She adds: “The Truepress Jet520HD+ comprises competitive speeds and remarkable uptime to get jobs out the door quickly and on budget. This will allow us to maximise our productivity and improve our response rates – a benefit to both existing and new customers.”

Ottweiler Druckerei has chosen the JetInspection option, a real-time inspection system that detects defects before the operator starts printing. The defects are displayed on the screen where operators can make amendments.

Meanwhile, another German printer, Campaign, based in Gütersloh, has bought a second 520HD. Campaign is a subsidiary of the Bertelsmann Printing Group and specialises in one-to-one customer communications and direct mail. The company also operates an earlier 520ZZ. Nik Bockmann, Managing Director at Campaign, stated: “In regard to direct mail, we can produce highly customised, premium prints, cost-effectively and extremely quickly. When our customers can transform an idea into a flawless printed product in their customer’s hand in very little time, there’s a significant positive impact on their conversion rates, which in turn helps us secure repeat business.” He added: “Screen’s presses allow us to achieve near-offset quality and production costs while delivering the inherit benefits of digital printing.”

The Truepress Jet520HD+ is a continuous feed twin-engined machine. It uses Ricoh printheads and delivers 1200 dpi resolution at speeds up to 150mpm. You can see more about it, including my original report here, and Screen’s website here.

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