Mutoh launches its first flatbed

Mutoh is to show off its first flatbed printer at next week’s Fespa show. The PerformanceJet 2508UF is a true flatbed, with the printheads mounted to a moving gantry and using LED UV inks.

Mutoh has developed this PJ2508UF, it’s first flatbed UV printer.

It takes boards up to 1250 x 2540 mm and can handle media up to 100 mm thick and up to 50 Kg/ sqm in weight. It can automatically measure the media height to set the printhead carriage at the optimum height. The bed is split into different vacuum zones. There’s an air-powered pin registration system. The air system also offers a blowback feature to help position difficult media.

It uses four greyscale printheads, giving it eight channels. It can be configured with either two sets of CMYK or CMYK plus white and varnish. The heads are arranged in a staggered configuration, which is fairly standard for Mutoh. It can be field-upgraded to six heads, which presumably allows dual CMYK plus white and varnish.

Kenji Yasuhara, Mutoh Europe’s managing director, commented: “The PerformanceJet will be staged next to our new roll-to-roll UV LED ValueJet 1638UR printer model which will also be presented for the first time in Berlin next week. With the addition of these two new products, Mutoh will be able to offer a complete portfolio of UV LED printers ranging from desktop object flatbed printers to wide format hybrid, roll-to-roll and true flatbed solutions.”

Meanwhile, Mutoh has also announced the commercial launch of the rotary jig system that it’s demonstrated before for the ValueJet 626UF UV LED A2-size flatbed printer. It allows 360° printing to cylindrical objects such as bottles and even decorative candles. It can handle objects with a diameter between 30 and 120 mm, a length up to 360 mm and a maximum weight of 1 kg. As such it’s a useful addition to this printer for producing one-off designs and prototypes. It has been specifically designed to be user-friendly by integrating a carrying handle, a positioning ruler, an object position retainer and convenient fixation thumbscrews.

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