InkTec announces alternative Mimaki ink

InkTec Europe has introduced a new UV ink that’s designed for use with Mimaki’s UCJV 300 series large format printers. InkTec claims that the new UvioNova-FR170 will deliver an improved, high density white which means it delivers less yellowing than the original inks.

InkTec Europe has introduced third party inks for Mimaki’s UCJV300 roll fed wide format printers.

The UCJV 300 series are roll fed print and cut devices complete with 7 colours and LED curing and available in four width from 800mm to 1.6m. The new ink also works in the 4-colour UCJV150 printer. According to InkTec, its ink should slot easily into the UCJV300 as a direct replacement for Mimaki’s LUS-170 ink with no need to change profiles. This ink has the same wide colour gamut, light fastness, scratch resistance and media adhesion.

The full inkset comprises CMYK plus light cyan, light magenta and white. It’s worth noting that this appears to be the only third party UV ink that InkTec offers for other vendor’s printers at the moment.

Peter Davidson, Head of IP Consumable Sales at InkTec Europe said: “This range of inks builds on the expansion of InkTec Europe’s portfolio of large format inks and media being introduced this year. With everything going on we recognise that now is the time that many in our industry will be looking at how they can reduce costs and maximise sales. It is not easy out there! So if we can bring an equivalent ink which strikes the balance between affordability and functionality with added bonus features such as the brighter white, then that is what we are going to do.”

InkTec says that the ink is currently available in 1 litre bottles though it’s not yet listed in InkTec’s online shop. Naturally, Inktec also claims that its ink is cheaper than Mimaki’s, which is after all the only reason why anyone would risk using a non-standard ink though it would definitely have been better if InkTec had felt confident enough to actually say what the price was. That said, you can find further details from

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