HuberGroup creates chemicals division

Ink manufacturer HuberGroup has split its operation into two divisions, with a new Chemicals division that will operate alongside its established Print Solutions business. 

HuberGroup has set up a separate Chemical division to produce and market raw materials for its inks.

This split is part of a move to expand the product portfolio and diversify the business. Thus the new Chemical division will be responsible for the production and marketing of raw materials such as pigments, resins and additives. These materials will be used for the company’s printing inks and coatings but the company will now also target the paint and coatings industry as well as other chemical companies.

HuberGroup is headquartered in Germany but its main production plants are in India. The company produces mainly PU resins, UV oligomers, various polyesters, colour pigments and pigment preparations, as well as auxiliaries. Research & Development is managed from India and Europe. 

Heiner Klokkers, CEO of HuberGroup, adds: “Diversification is an important and correct signal both internally to the workforce and externally to the market. We expect the Chemicals Division to make a significant contribution to the growth of the company in the short to medium term. The Chemicals Division thus represents an important pillar in our long-term strategic market positioning alongside the Print Solutions Division.”

HuberGroup is a family business based in Kirchheim near Munich, Germany, with roots going back 255 years. In 2019 the company generated an annual turnover of about €780 million and employs some 3,700 people in over 30 countries. You can find further details from

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