HP unveils new 3D printer and industry alliances

HP has announced a new production 3D printer, the Jet Fusion 5200 Series, alongside a number of strategic alliances with BASF, Materialise, and Siemens.

The HP Jet Fusion 5200 3D printer, complete with processing station.

The new 5200 series uses HP’s standard Jet Fusion approach, which is essentially binder jetting using HP’s thermal printheads, and with powder station separated from the build chamber to maximise productivity. The new printer has an effective build volume of 380 x 284 x 380mm and prints at 1200 dpi resolution, which is the same as the existing 4200 series. However, HP has improved the productivity, claiming a build speed up to 5058 cm3/hr.  It comes with HP’s SmartStream 3D Build manager, as well as the HP 3D Process Control and 3D Centre software. However, it’s also certified to work with HP editions of Autodesk Netfabb, Materialise Build Processor and Siemens NX AM. HP claims that it’s suitable for producing over 200 parts per week

HP has also expanded its relationship with a number of other vendors. This includes Siemens and a plan to integrate HP’s Jet Fusion printers, including the new 5200 printer, with Siemens’ Digital Enterprise software portfolio, including its NX CAD/CAE, NX AM through direct printer interfaces. 

Siemens has just opened a new Polymer Competency Centre at its Additive Manufacturing Experience Centre  in Erlangen, Germany, which will serve as a focal point for the two companies to work jointly with automotive and industrial customers to help them bring 3D printed parts to market faster. The two companies will also explore new applications in areas such as personalization, fluid dynamics optimization, and energy absorption. 

Klaus Helmrich, CEO of Siemens Digital Industries and board member of Siemens AG, explained: “As a provider of solutions and services we want to team up with strong partners that have the necessary expertise in materials and the manufacturing process to support them to produce 3D printing systems.”

HP is also working with BASF to introduce new materials to its Jet Fusion platform. This includes Ultrasint, a thermoplastic polyurethane developed by BASF, which is suitable for flexible and elastic parts. Dr. Markus Kamieth, a BASF board member, commented: “The introduction of the new TPU is a significant milestone in the cooperation between BASF and HP, aligned with our common objective to accelerate the industrialization of additive manufacturing.“ It’s worth noting that BASF works with a broad range of 3D printer vendors so, if anything it would be strange if this did not also include HP. 

HP has also worked with the software specialist Materialise to enable HP’s Jet Fusion 5200 and 500/300 series of printers with Materialise’s Build Processor and Materialise Magics 3D Print Suite.Finally, the company has also set up the HP Digital Manufacturing Network, a worldwide community of providers that can help design, produce, and deliver both plastic and metal parts. Materialise is also a partner in this venture, leveraging HP 3D printing technologies to deliver parts at scale for the European market. Other partners include Forecast 3D, GKN Powder Metallurgy, GoProto, Jabil, Parmatech, and ZiggZagg NV. You can find more details about this at www.hp.com/go/DigitalManufacturingNetwork. There is some limited information about the new printer at HP.com.

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