HP to launch two new 3D printer series

HP has announced two new series of 3D printers, both offering a choice of monochrome or colour devices, and priced to appeal to small and medium-sized development teams.

The HP JetFusion 300/ 500 series of 3D printers feature integrated materials handling.

These appear to be similar to HP’s existing Jet Fusion 3D printers but take a different range of materials and are aimed at people producing engineering-grade functional parts. Thus these new models are smaller and cheaper, with prices starting at around $50,000 or £35,000. They include an integrated and automated materials delivery system so that they can run unattended for some time, which should also improve the overall productivity. They support the three leading colour file formats – OBJ, VRML, and 3MF.

There are two series, starting with the Jet Fusion 300 series, which is aimed at printing small parts or fewer parts per build. This includes the 340, which is a black and white printer, and the 380, which is a colour device. They have a build chamber of 190 x 254 x 248mm.

There’s also a new Jet Fusion 500 series, also made up of a black and white model, the 540, and a colour unit, the 580. This series has a larger build chamber of 190 x 332 x 248mm and so can produce larger parts. The only difference between the two series is the size of the build chamber, with both being built on the same platform. They use HP’s thermal printheads with 1200dpi resolution and produce layers 0.08mm thick.

HP also announced a new 3D printing material, High Reusability CB PA 12. This is said to offer mechanical properties similar to the HP 3D High Reusability PA 12 material from HP’s industrial solutions. HP says that the aim is for these new series of printers to eventually use similar materials to those of the larger Jet Fusion 3200/4200/4210 printers.

Stephen Nigro, President of 3D Printing, HP Inc. “No matter your industry, no matter your design complexity, no matter what colors fit your business needs – black, white, or the full color spectrum – the new HP Jet Fusion 300 / 500 series gives you the freedom to create brilliant new parts liberated from the constraints of traditional production methods.”

The new machines can be ordered now but won’t start shipping until the second half of this year. Further details from HP.com/go/Color3DPrint.

HP has also collaborated with Dassault Systemes, which will optimise its Solidworks 3D design and engineering applications to exploit the ability of the Jet Fusion machines to print at the voxel-level.

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