EPS develops Roto-Jet object printer

Engineered Printing Solutions (EPS), a US-based subsidiary of Xaar, has developed a direc to object printer, the Roto-Jet, which it will show at this month’s InPrint show.

The Roto-Jet from Engineered Printing Solutions, prints direct to cylindrical objects in vertical mode.

The Roto-Jet is designed for decorating cylindrical objects in vertical mode – including those that are flat walled or tapered. It’s aimed at short run, mainly promotional applications for things like cans and bottles. It can print at speeds up to 1,800 pph on glass, metal or plastic and can average 800 parts per hour (pph), though this speed depends on the cup diameter and length of graphic. It can take objects from 38mm in diameter to 152mm up to 254mm in length. It has a synchronised printing and curing process that prints full CMYKWW, with optional primer and varnish. It has an elliptical-style race track conveyance, which together with the vertical design helps minimize the footprint to 2×1.8×2.1m.

The Roto-Jet uses Xaar 1003 printheads. These heads use Xaar’s TF approach that recirculates the ink within the printhead, directly past the back of the nozzle during drop ejection so that the heads can cope better with harsh operating environments. This recirculation also allows printing in vertical mode, by keeping the ink in constant motion inside the printheads to reduce sedimentation and subsequent nozzle blocking.

Oscar Planas, Xaar’s director of global marketing, commented: “EPS chose the Xaar 1003 for its excellent overall performance and specifically because no other technology can match Xaar’s TF Technology when printing vertically. The combination of the EPS product printing expertise and Xaar technology in one solution provides a great return on investment for manufacturers in search of an object printing system.” Mind you, given that Xaar owns EPS, I doubt that there was really any option to use another vendor’s printhead!

The printer was launched in the US at Pack Expo in September but InPrint marks the European launch in Munich from 14-16th November.

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