CorelCAD 2016 announced

21st October 2015

Corel has updated its CorelCAD software which now offers customizable 2D drafting tools, native .DWG file support, and 3D design capabilities. Klaus Vossen, Corel’s senior product manager for technical graphics, commented: “For clients in industries ranging from Architecture, Engineering and Construction to Manufacturing, CorelCAD is a proven and cost-effective solution for CAD.” Continue reading “CorelCAD 2016 announced”

Woodwing develops Content Cloud

17th September 2015

Woodwing, which specializes in enterprise-level DAM software, has developed a cloud-based centralized hub for publishers called Content Cloud which promises unlimited storage as part of its services. It’s billed as a single solution for content creation, production, archiving, sharing and analytics. Continue reading “Woodwing develops Content Cloud”

Adobe updates Digital Publishing Solution

30th July 2015

Adobe has announced its new Digital Publishing Solution, which is essentially an update to the Digital Publishing Suite but targeted at developing mobile apps. It mainly seems to be used by corporates for in-house or branded magazines, and allows content to be easily repurposed without having to actually code anything. Continue reading “Adobe updates Digital Publishing Solution”

Woodwing reveals cloud-based authoring tool

29th June 2015

WoodWing Software has launches a cloud-based HTML authoring tool called Inception. It means that users can can directly publish through various online portals such as Adobe Digital Publishing Solution, Apple News, Facebook Instant Articles or any Web CMS. It creates HTML5 content and is compatible with Google´s new mobile-friendly algorithm. Continue reading “Woodwing reveals cloud-based authoring tool”

Agfa designs security plug-in

17th June 2015

Agfa has developed a new plug-in for Adobe Illustrator, Arziro, for security printing applications. It’s heavily based on Agfa’s Fortuna program, which is a standalone solution for security printers. Arziro Design can create very complex, security patterns in seconds for general-security print applications. It is even possible to ‘enrich’ existing creations with security design elements from Arziro or to modify the Arziro creations by altering the pre-defined design parameters in the plug-in. Continue reading “Agfa designs security plug-in”

Xara Web Designer 11 released

25th May 2015

Xara has updated its Web Designer Premium, which aims to be an easy-to-use program for creating web pages. Version 11 gains a number of new features, including sticky navigation, whereby Navigation bars, social media links, text panel or images can be stuck in position on the browser so they remain visible on screen as the page scrolls under. Continue reading “Xara Web Designer 11 released”