Huber Group launches new food inks

5th October 2017

The Huber Group has launched a new range of sheetfed offset inks and coatings under the brand Huber Group Eco-Offset Inks Premium Plus, which are said to be low-migration and low-odour for conventional offset food packaging printing and for the manufacture of toys. Continue reading “Huber Group launches new food inks”

Felix Schoeller meets Fogra 51 standard

24th September 2015

Felix Schoeller Digital Media, based in Osnabruck, Germany, has released a range of seven new proofing papers, six of which comply to the latest Fogra 51 standards with the seventh expected to follow shortly. The six papers are microporous resin-coated papers plus a special-coated matt paper, marketed under the product name Trust. They are suitable for all types of proofs for offset, gravure and screen printing. Continue reading “Felix Schoeller meets Fogra 51 standard”

Flint launches UV varnish for HP media

20th July 2015

The Flint Group has launched DigiCoat HP, a UV varnish range for HP digital printed media. The range includes three varnishes which give good adhesion to both corona treated and untreated digital print. They include a High Resistant Gloss Varnish, TTR Gloss Varnish and Matt Varnish. Continue reading “Flint launches UV varnish for HP media”

Flint launches new label food inks

10th July 2015

Flint Group has announced a new addition to its Ancora range of low migration UV inks. The range already includes flexo and UV offset inks but the new Flexocure Ancora 50 ink is a low migration ink for food labels, which can also be used for some flexible packaging applications. Continue reading “Flint launches new label food inks”