Meteor Inkjet launches MetCal software

Meteor Inkjet, which specializes in developing electronics and software to drive industrial inkjet printheads, has launched a software solution, MetCal, that it claims will improve the print quality of single pass inkjet printers.

Meteor inkjet has developed a new software platform, MetCal, to help its customers improve the quality of their inkjet printing.
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Meteor launches printhead waveform service

Meteor Inkjet, which mainly develops electronics and software to drive industrial inkjet printheads, has now announced a new collection of services for ink characterisation, print reliability analysis and printhead waveform development and optimisation.

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Roland announces LEF2-200 industrial printer

11th March 2019

Roland has announced a new printer, the VersaUV LEF2-200, which as the name suggests is an updated version of its existing LEF200 though it’s not really clear in what way Roland has improved this printer, other than changing the colour of the cover from green to white. 

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Ricoh announces new industrial printheads

Ricoh has announced a new MH5320 series of printheads, which is aimed at industrial applications, including wide format graphics and textile printing.

This Ricoh MH5320 is a greyscale printhead capable of producing drops from 5 to 15 pico litres.
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GIS develops drivers for Dimatix heads

28th February 2019

Global Inkjet Systems, or GIS, which mainly develops drive electronics for various printheads, has developed a new solution that’s capable of driving a wide range of Fujifilm Dimatix printheads, including the latest high-performance Starfire SG600.

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