Carbon balanced paper relaunched in UK

14th December 2015

CarbonCo, working in partnership with international conservation charity World Land Trust (WLT), has relaunched the Carbon Balanced Paper concept to the UK. This aims to help printers source paper that has been specifically carbon-balanced so that they and their customers can improve their environmental response. Continue reading “Carbon balanced paper relaunched in UK”

Burning the midnight LEDs

12th December 2015

Burning the midnight LEDs
Much late night wrangling by various political mandarins has finally led to a draft proposal on curbing greenhouse gases. This has been much celebrated even though it’s still to be agreed by the world leaders, let alone actually implemented.
But no matter – this issue is too important to leave to these bureaucrats. It doesn’t really matter if you believe that human activities will lead to climate change or not – we simply don’t have the right to burn through the earth’s resources and pollute the planet for future generations.
Ultimately it’s up to each and every one of us to take responsibility for this. Fortunately, many printers are aware of this, adopting, for example, process-less plates, LED curing and implementing ISO14001, and all without an expenses-paid trip to Paris.

Epson recycles office paper

9th December 2015

Epson has developed a machine that can recycle shredded copy paper into new paper suitable for office use. The PaperLab is a reasonably compact machine that’s meant to sit in an office and will give companies the ability to securely destroy old documents and turn them into new paper, without having to send the papers away or employ a specialist service provider. Continue reading “Epson recycles office paper”

Two sides publishes pro-print fact sheets

18th June 2015

Two Sides, an organization that promotes the sustainability and attractiveness of print and paper, has published a series of 11 fact sheets to address a wide array of environmental and social issues. These cover the most common areas of misunderstanding, ranging from the real environmental impact of electronic communication, to the sustainability of paper-based printed products, as well as tackling the important role that print and paper plays in literacy and learning. Continue reading “Two sides publishes pro-print fact sheets”

Avery Dennison expands label recycling

26th March 2015

Avery Dennison and Belgian-based Seliplast AG (which is an acronym for Second Life for Plastics) have launched a recycling scheme for label matrix waste made of polypropylene and polyethylene. The programme is now available to converters in Belgium, Netherlands, Luxembourg, Germany and France. Continue reading “Avery Dennison expands label recycling”