Xitron ships Raster Blaster Pro

Xitron has released the latest version of its TIFF Catcher software, Raster Blaster Pro, which is mainly aimed at keeping smaller CtP devices in business.

Xitron’s Raster Blaster Pro is a browser-based TIFF catcher.

It’s a browser-based system, meaning that it can be used by anyone authorized from a Mac, PC, smartphone or tablet. This new version also comes with an intuitive user interface to make it easier to search, re-order, preview, release and re-plate jobs.

At the same time, Xitron has also a new B3 Network Interface. Jeffrey Piestrak, Xitron Product Manager, explains: “What we’ve done is embedded the Raster Blaster Pro software directly into the interface hardware.” The result is that there’s no need for a separate computer. Instead this unit sits on the network near the CTP engine and users operate it through their own desktops or mobile devices. Piestrak adds: “If they prefer, they can even attach a touch-screen to the interface and still enjoy full functionality.”

Both Raster Blaster Pro and B3 are fully compatible with every CTP engine previously supported by Xitron, which includes output devices from Fujifilm, Screen, Agfa, Creo, Kodak and Heidelberg.


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