Xerox updates Maven software to counter Ebola

Aside from printing, Xerox also has extensive interests in other areas, including healthcare software. This includes Maven, which is designed for monitoring diseases and managing outbreaks such as the current Ebola crisis. Xerox has now updated  Maven to be hosted in the company’s secure cloud so public health agencies and other organisations can get immediate, secure access to use it in the fight against Ebola.

Maven uses data and analytics to securely track people who are either infected with or exposed to communicable diseases like Ebola, measles, tuberculosis, HIV and influenza. The technology is scalable and can be quickly and easily configured to changing technologies, protocols and geographic locations – all of which are keys to effective disease outbreak response. Its common platform also allows easier data sharing and integration among health agencies on the front line of the disease.

It is accessible across jurisdictions to local and state public health professionals and is able to integrate electronic reporting. With Maven, disease events are created and triaged in real time as reports of confirmed cases, suspects or persons at risk come in – electronically or via its secure web portal. This process means state and local public health personnel are better able to react to emerging needs.

Privacy and security are important aspects of any system that manages public health information, and Maven is a secure, HIPAA-compliant platform.

Maven is currently used in public health agencies in 12 U.S. jurisdictions and two states in Australia.

Additionally, the Xerox Foundation will be donating $100,000 to Save the Children for its work with families in West Africa who are dealing with the virus.

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