Xerox outlines growth strategy

Ursula Burns, chair and CEO of Xerox, used the company’s annual shareholder meeting to describe the document technology business as “the foundation that enables our future growth”, and the services business as “our engine for increased revenue”.

Burns also reaffirmed four strategic priorities for Xerox, which include growing revenue in Services, a segment that represents 57 percent of the company’s total revenue and is expected to grow to two-thirds by 2017; generating profit in line with the industry’s best through a disciplined business approach and operational excellence; strengthening and differentiating its portfolio by focusing on areas where the company has expertise, large scale and innovation; and supporting Xerox’s customers and employees.

Xerox had earlier reported full year revenue of $21.4 billion and the repurchase of $700 million in Xerox shares as well as paying out nearly $300 million in dividends.


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