Xerox enhances CiPress inkjet

Xerox has added three new features to its CiPress Inkjet presses, which are all immediately available. Thus there is a new MICR Print module that can print at up to 500 feet-per-minute on standard untreated stocks. It allows both MICR and non-MICR jobs to be produced in the same print run. It can be added to existing presses in the field.

These improvements also include a Megtec in-line Aqueous Coating System, which can offer a high-gloss overlay for both aesthetics and added endurance on products such as direct mail items. It will run in simplex or duplex and allows for in-line coating at full printer speeds, It works with widely available commercial coating fluids, which should allow the press to run with offset coated and uncoated media.

Finally, there’s a new Ink Measurement and Proofing Tool that can pre-determine the cost of ink usage on a job or page basis for more precise job estimation. It can also create soft proofs of the printed output so that there’s no need to run jobs to be inspected on the press.

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