Xennia gains Xaar ceramics approval

Xaar has formally approved Xennia’s Zircon range of digital ceramic inkjet inks for use in its 1001 recirculating printheads. The Xennia inks are already widely used in ceramic tile production environments in various markets around the world.
Xennia claims that the Zircon inks offer high colour intensity prints with excellent print quality for both wall and floor tiles.
Xennia’s Sales Director, Dave Varty, says the company works closely with most printhead manufacturers, noting: “Xennia’s expertise in ink development combined with the latest recirculating printhead technologies has created a compelling solution for digital ceramic tile decoration”.
Duncan Gellatly, Xaar’s Ink Business Manager, added: “The Zircon inks showed excellent performance in the Xaar 1001 printhead under intensive testing conditions”.

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