Xeikon to launch Trillium One

Xeikon will be launching a brand-new Trillium One press at this year’s drupa, based on the Trillium liquid toner technology demonstration that it showed at drupa 2012.

Xeikon has worked hard in the intervening years to turn the Trillium concept into a fully realized press. It’s a four-colour machine, capable of running at 60 metres per minute at 1200 dpi, with a print width of 500mm.

Danny Mertens, Xeikon’s corporate communications manager, commented: “It has the ability to take digital printing to a new level in terms of price/performance metrics – all features that make the Trillium unique. Also its high resolution imaging heads and toner particle size of less than 2 microns create a winning combination.”

Xeikon has developed the liquid toner itself, calling it Tonnik, which it claims will be sustainable, environmentally friendly and economical.

Xeikon will also show its five colour CX3 label press. This was only launched back in September but Xeikon has also installed 20 of these presses. It can produce up to 30 mpm.

Alongside this, Xeikon will demonstrate its own developed digital die-cutting unit for folding carton applications. This is a nearline flatbed unit designed for short run carton conversion. Mertens comments: “Working with our customers, we have seen that there is need for a solution to help speed up production. This unit is ideal for short run, fast turnaround work and helps to eliminate production bottle-necks.”

Xeikon will also add to the Fusion concept that it unveiled at the last Label Expo. Essentially this is about adding finishing modules to create a complete production line. Potential modules include hot / cold foiling; screen prints; matte, gloss and structured flood and spot varnish; and digital Braille.

Naturally Xeikon will also follow the current trend for cloud solutions with its cloud-based colour management system, XeikonColorControl. It creates ICC profiles with special prefixed settings, optimized for labels and packaging applications, document printing and book printing. Calculations are performed on the web server and communicated to prepress or production within minutes.

Drupa will also be Xeikon’s first outing with its new owners, the Flint Group.


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