X-Rite unveils new master-level spectros

X-Rite has announced a new series of spherical benchtop spectrophotometers, the Ci7800 and a slightly cheaper version, the Ci7600.

Chris Winczewski, Vice President, Product Marketing for X-Rite, commented: “These instruments set a new benchmark for measuring, managing and communicating colour data. The Ci7800 and Ci7600 are the most accurate and reliable benchtop sphere spectrophotometer in the market today. They are easier to service and offer an unprecedented audit trail for each sample taken, improving overall color compliance in the supply chain.”

They are said to be suitable for the plastics, textile, automotive and paint/coatings industries. They can adjust to any colour supply chain, including those anchored by instruments from other suppliers.

They have on-board cameras to take a visual record of every sample as well as a detailed audit trail of the settings at the time of measurement. There are additional sensors that capture temperature and humidity at the time of measurement.

Both of these spectrophotometers come with up to five apertures and three automated UV filters for increased measurement flexibility across opaque, transparent and translucent materials. They also come with pre-loaded customer settings for measurement consistency and ease of use. They have been designed to fit into existing environments regardless of data format.

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