Woodwing develops Content Cloud

Woodwing, which specializes in enterprise-level DAM software, has developed a cloud-based centralized hub for publishers called Content Cloud which promises unlimited storage as part of its services. It’s billed as a single solution for content creation, production, archiving, sharing and analytics.

It’s based on Woodwing’s existing Elvis DAM, which is scaleable and can include external collaborators. This allows digital assets to be integrated with the Adobe Creative Cloud applications as well as with workflow publishing solutions such as WoodWing Enterprise. It works with Woodwing’s Inception to create structured, media-neutral HTML5 content. Inception, which was announced earlier, is also now available.

Woodwing has said that it will shortly offer further applications including a brand portal and an authoring tool.

The Content Cloud is hosted on Amazon Web Services, with instances in Europe, North America, Australia and Singapore. “Choosing between an on-premise installation and a cloud-based solution also has important economic aspects,” Roel-Jan Mouw, CEO of WoodWing Software explains: “A large on-premise installation is a major investment that is depreciated over the life of the solution and appears in the balance (CAPEX). By contrast, a subscription to a cloud-based solution is an operating expense (OPEX) that shows up on the profit-and-loss account as ongoing expenses.”

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