Two new label printers use Memjet

Two companies have announced new label printers that make use of Memjet technology.

Colordyne, which has already developed a number of Memjet label printers, has announced the CDT3600, which uses Memjet’s Aspen printhead. This can run at 69mpm at full colour resolutions with up to 1600 x 1375 dpi. The system incorporates broad web substrate support as well as a servo drive system from PCMC and a laser die cutting solution from LasX. In addition, it’s possible to update the core subassemblies as customer requirements changes or new technology becomes available.

Gary Falconbridge, CEO and President of Colordyne Technologies, explained: “Our goal with the CDT 3600 was to develop a press system built on a platform co-developed using the best technologies available, but provide an ongoing upgrade path for our customer so new modules can cost effectively be provided in the future.”

The second printer is the TrojanTwo from TrojanLabel, which can run at 18mpm with resolution of 1600 x 1600 dpi, and uses the Sirius print engine. This also includes a self-predictive servicing system, which maximizes up-time and lowers manual intervention. The new maintenance system was developed in-house by TrojanLabel using sophisticated usage algorithms.

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