Toshiba announces 5TB drives

Toshiba Electronics Europe has launched a new range of 7,200 RPM hard disc drives with capacities up to 5TB. The MG04 series have been designed for nearline business-critical workloads and provide a 25% increase in maximum capacity and a 24% increase in maximum data rate at outer diameter (OD) compared to previous-generation, MG03 series drives.
They are said to be the industry’s first enterprise capacity drives to feature Persistent Write Cache technology. This optional feature enables improved application performance and data-loss protection in the event of unexpected power loss.
The drives come in standard 3.5 inch form factor and support either 512e or 4Kn advanced format storage modes. The 4Kn drives offer optimum performance and compatibility with the latest applications and operating environments. The 512e compatible drives provide support for legacy applications and operating environments that require 512byte sector lengths.
There’s a choice of SAS or SATA interfaces and can also be supplied with Toshiba’s Sanitize Instant Erase (SIE) functionality.

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