ThemoFlexx launches digital plate imager

ThermoFlexx is to show off a new digital plate imager, the ThermoFlexx 48, which takes plates up to 900 x 1,200 mm. There’s a choice of modes with imaging speeds of 6 and 3.5 square metres an hour. It’s essentially a smaller version of the existing ThermoFlexX 60 and 80 models and offers the same resolutions from 2,400 dpi to 5,080 dpi.

It will be demonstrated at Label Expo showing continuous production. Christophe Lievens, director sales and marketing for basysPrint and ThermoFlexX, explains: “During use the operator loads a plate into the FlexTray unit, which is a fixed part of the new ThermoFlexX 48. The imager then feeds the plate automatically into the drum and begins imaging.” Meanwhile, the next plate can be fed into the tray for when it’s needed. Plates that have been imaged are fed automatically into an external on-line back-and-top exposure unit that uses LED technology.

ThermoFlexx will also demonstrate the latest version of its MultiPlate software that’s used to drive the flexo imagers. The new software is database driven, which provides easy query and search functionality. Features include automatic imposition for optimum productivity, with imposition schemes indicating production times.

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