ISO to develop new PDF print standard

The International Standards Organisation is setting up a new task force to develop a PDF standard to guide production workflow decisions, which it hopes will make it possible to describe what a final printed piece is supposed to look like. This is in response to requests from transactional printers to be able to include media selections and simplex/duplex controls in a PDF file. Continue reading “ISO to develop new PDF print standard”

New Ghent white paper on PDF file aggregation

The Ghent Workgroup, or GWG, has issued a new white paper, PDF Aggregation: What you need to know. This latest resource, written by the GWG’s Jason Lisi, highlights important information on managing problems that can occur when working with various types of PDF documents and elements in a single file that will itself be saved as a PDF, a process known as PDF Aggregation. Continue reading “New Ghent white paper on PDF file aggregation”