Kodak releases newspaper violet plate

Kodak has unveiled details of a new violet offset plate, the Libra VP, that will work with most available violet CTP platesetters and plateline equipment. It’s aimed at the newspaper market and promises long run lengths of up to 350,000 impressions if the plates are processed conventionally or up to 300,000 impressions when easy chem setups are used. It should hold 150 lpi AM or 180 lpi hybrid (XM) screens.  Continue reading “Kodak releases newspaper violet plate”

Agfa announces newspaper platesetter

Jun 8, 2015

Agfa has launched a new high-speed platesetter for the high-volume newspaper market. The Advantage N TR VHS produces up to 400 plates per hour, which is 50 plates faster than the older Advantage N TR HS. Agfa’s main pitch is that this speed will help publishers push back just in time deadlines and replace multiple platesetters and their associated processors. Continue reading “Agfa announces newspaper platesetter”