Cool running with LED curing

May 3, 2018

In a couple of week’s time many of us will head over to Berlin for this year’s Fespa show and it’s a good bet that many of the new printers on show will be fitted with LED lamps for UV curing.

Agfa showed off this Jeti Ceres RTR 3200 LED printer at the Fespa 2017 show.

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Kyocera announces new air-cooled LED unit

April 3, 2018

Kyocera has developed a new air-cooled UV-LED curing light, the G5A series, which it claims to be the smallest and most powerful currently available. It’s aimed at industrial UV ink printing applications, such as billboard printing, as well as UV-cured coating and adhesive processes. Continue reading “Kyocera announces new air-cooled LED unit”