Kodak rethinks inkjet future

Kodak has finally seen sense and decided not to sell its Stream inkjet business after all. Mind you, Kodak does have form here, having sold the inkjet business once already, to Scitex in 1993 for $70 million, before buying it back later in 2004 for $250 million.

Kodak demonstrated this narrow web label press with its next generation UltraStream continuous inkjet printheads at the Drupa 2016 show.

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Kodak updates Nexpress printers

Kodak has made some improvements to its Nexpress dry toner printers. This includes the expansion of long sheet capability, from 36 inches to up to 1 metre or 39.37 inches with an optional Long Sheet Feeder. Presses currently installed with a Long Sheet Feeder can be upgraded in field to support the 1 metre sheet length. Continue reading “Kodak updates Nexpress printers”

Kodak makes loss of $36 million

Kodak’s figures for the first quarter of 2014 show a net loss of $36 million. In contrast, the previous year Kodak earned $283 million, though this included Other Operating Income, net of $494 million, primarily from a gain of $535 million from the sale of the digital imaging patent portfolio. Continue reading “Kodak makes loss of $36 million”