Global Graphics develops advanced inkjet screening software

March 12, 2018

Global Graphics, the British software developer based in Cambridge, has developed a set of new software screens for use with inkjet printers that can be applied to any print industry workflow, including existing printers as well as those in development.

Mottling, sometimes called the orange peel effect, occurs when the ink film cracks as it dries or cures.

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Memjet announces new DuraLink printhead

September 25, 2017

Memjet has launched a brand new platform, DuraLink, that promises longer life heads and more flexibility than its original offering. Actually, this was first announced three weeks ago in the US but not widely picked up on this side of the Atlantic, which seems like a PR-failure given the importance of this news to Memjet’s future. Continue reading “Memjet announces new DuraLink printhead”

Polish printer takes first Screen Jet520HD with SC ink

August 15, 2017

A Polish printer, the Print Group, has become the first to install Screen’s Truepress Jet520HD with the new SC ink, which allows the use of standard coated and uncoated papers, rather than the existing MD inks that require inkjet papers. Continue reading “Polish printer takes first Screen Jet520HD with SC ink”

Uteco to launch Gaia press with Ebeam curing

August 7, 2017

Uteco will use Label Expo to formally launch its Gaia modular inkjet press, which it has developed together with INX and Ebeam Technologies. Its use of an Ebeam Compact 80/400 lamp gives it the potential to be one of the highlights of the show. Continue reading “Uteco to launch Gaia press with Ebeam curing”