Landa and BASF create automotive pigments

BASF is to use Landa Labs’ nano-pigment technology in a new portfolio of easy dispersible ultra-high transparency pigments marketed under the Colors & Effects brand for use in automotive paints and coatings. As part of the deal, Landa Labs and BASF have entered into a strategic long-term partnership. Continue reading “Landa and BASF create automotive pigments”

Nazdar releases 730-series UV ink

Ink manufacturer Nazdar has announced a new flexible UV inkjet ink. Nazdar 730 Series is suitable for both outdoor and indoor applications such as banners, POP displays and backlit acrylic signage. It’s said to have good edge-chipping resistance properties that’s suitable for substrates that require router, knife- or die-cutting. Continue reading “Nazdar releases 730-series UV ink”