Xerox launches new Versant presses

April 7, 2017

Xerox has introduced two new Versant digital presses, the Versant 3100 and 180, as well as a Versant 180 Performance Package. Both of these have already been on sale in the far East through Fuji Xerox since October of last year but should now be generally available. Continue reading “Xerox launches new Versant presses”

Xerox enhances C60/C70 printers

October 7, 2016

Xerox is to update its Colour C60/C70 printers, which are aimed at quick print shops and in-plant operations. Thus they can now handle a wider range of substrates from 60 gsm up to 256 gsm 2-sided/300 gsm 1-sided used for cards or invitations. There’s a new Paper Catalogue, an on-line library of substrate attributes. Continue reading “Xerox enhances C60/C70 printers”