Lumejet and Imaging Solutions target layflat photobooks

April 22, 2015

Lumejet, which has developed a high quality photo printing method, has partnered with the Swiss company Imaging Solutions, which develops printing and finishing solutions for photobooks. The partnership will offer a bundled package of the LumeJet S200 printer with the ISAG FastBook10CF bookbinder, to deliver a full layflat book production system handling sizes up to A3 landscape.  Continue reading “Lumejet and Imaging Solutions target layflat photobooks”

Ibis targets newspaper binding

January 18, 2014

Ibis has launched a new Smart Binder X for the newspaper market. The new system has been stretched to increase maximum booklet format size to 18 x 11 inches.  It can therefore be used to produce A5 portrait booklets 2-up – at up to 10,000 books per hour – using the optional trimmer centre-knife – or to produce tabloid sized newspapers 1-up.
John Cracknell, Managing Director of Ibis, said: “It is also an ideal solution for tabloid size production newspaper production, which can be produced with variable page content and with the option of wire stitch or cold glue binding, or no binding. Newspaper ‘sections’ may be collected together into finished newspapers on the Ibis SB-X delivery and an optional final knife-folder if available, if needed.”

New gathering machine

October 8, 2013

Muller Martini has launched a new gathering machine, the 3692, designed for small and medium-sized perfect binding jobs. Its highlights include the patented book verification system, which automatically prevents production with incorrectly set-up signatures.
It’s a compact machine that can be loaded and operated ergonomically on both sides, allowing operators to load it on one side and simultaneously prepare the next job on the other side during production. There’s a pivoted central touchscreen that does away with the need to move around the line assemblies and also reduces job changeover times significantly. It can handle variable sizes as well as reliable signature separation. The spacious feeding drums ensure the secure processing of signatures with large widths, including A4 landscape sizes.
It replaces the 1571 gathering machine and can be used in the Pantera and Alegro A6 perfect binding lines.

Riso launches perfect binder

September 4, 2013

Riso is to launch an inline automated perfect binder. It can be combined with the either the 9150 or 7150 models of the ComColor X1 Series of colour inkjet printers, turning them into a self-contained book manufacturing solution for both short runs and high-volume production. It offers a cover layout program to simply cover design and spine printing. It also boasts automated side-binding to instantly secure printed pages before the book reaches a high-pressure gluing stage. It accommodates varying book thicknesses up to 300 sheets (1.5mm to 30mm), and efficiently binds books up to 600 pages.

Ibis to launch faster binder

September 3, 2013

Ibis is to launch its Smart Binder Plus HS at the Print 13 show in Chicago. It will be shown running at 160-180 metres per minute with an MBO roll unwinder, sheeter and dynamic buckle folder.
The new Plus HS model has a new higher speed infeed, folding and sheet collecting system plus improvements to the trimmer transport system. As a result it can produce up to 70,000 booklets an hour at web speeds up to 200 metres per minute, whilst retaining saddle-binding page variations in normal increments of four.
MBO will be distributing the Ibis range in China and the US.