Sun Chemical targets low energy UV curing

Sun Chemical has announced a new range of inks, SunCure Lite, a series of UV curable lithographic inks, designed for commercial printing and non-food packaging applications. These inks have been formulated in collaboration with Sun Chemical’s parent company DIC Corporation to absorb the specific spectral output of low energy UV and LED drying systems and offer very fast UV curing times at up to 50 percent lower energy consumption.

Sun Chemical claims superior performance when compared to conventional inks, as well as greater productivity and shorter production times on paper substrates in either LE-UV or LED printing systems. They also offer higher print densities, lower ink consumption and reduced ozone generation around the press.

SunCure Lite is available as a range of high performance four colour process inks and blending colours. Complementary products such as overprint varnishes and metallic inks will be available shortly.

For more information on the new SunCure® Lite range or any other Sun Chemical products, please visit:

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