Stratasys launches raft of new 3D printers

Stratasys has announced a number of new 3D printers and materials. This includes six new PolyJet based 3D printers that use triple-jetting technology, which uses three materials from rigid to rubber-like. This in turn means that designers can produce prototypes, tools, injection moulds and end-use parts featuring colours and unrivalled product realism. To increase productivity, all six 3D printers provide triple-jetting workflow advantages like hot-swap and fewer material changeovers.

There are also two new Fortus 3D Production Systems, the 450mc and 380mc, designed for reliability and ease of use. These have a new touch-screen interface that allows users to make adjustments to their print jobs without disrupting operations and can achieve up to 20 percent quicker build times for complex geometries. The larger 450mc uses the most advanced FDM thermoplastics and is ideal for mid-sized functional prototypes, production aids and end-use parts in specialized materials.

There’s a new Objet30 Prime desktop printer that offers 12 material options including rubber-like, rigid, high-temperature and bio-compatible materials, with quiet operation and an office-friendly footprint. The Objet30 Prime is ideal for consumer goods, electronics and medical-device applications.

The last of these new printers is the Objet Eden260VS, which combines ultrafine 16-micron resolution with soluble support technology in order to offer lower cost-per-part for rigid material 3D printing.

Stratasys has also developed Ultem 1010 resin, which combines heat resistance, tensile strength and chemical resistance and can be sterilized using steam autoclaving for medical applications. It is also bio-compatible and Stratasys claims that it has the only food-contact certification of any FDM thermoplastic. It’s suitable for aerospace, automotive, food production tooling, and medical device manufacturing and functional prototyping applications.

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